About us


We are a group of engineers with upto 35 years experience of working in the Iran cement industries .

our team have experience to co-operation with various type of factories , consulting and representative companies

for example:

1.    Behbahan cement

2.    Fars no cement

3.    Fars cement

4.    Firozkoh cement                                        and . . .

6.    CES consulting company

7.    Daneshvaran consulting company        and . . .

9.    Ibau hamburger agent

10.  Schenck agent

11.  Haver & boecker agent

12.  Christian Pfeiffer agent                             And  . . .

in 2005 we as Simatec company  started our co-operation  as agent for  Pfister GmbH (weighing equipments)  and Ulrich Brehme GmbH (material handling equipments)

out of our historical experience to work with Haver& Boecker / Ibau Hamburg / and consulting companies  we know  the demand of the Iranian cement industry

we are aware of the existing bottle necks and the critical problems of the production systems.

our main target is to solve the existing problems and optimal the processes with best available technology for the Iranian cement industry.